NTFS Optimization

Thanks to Dylan for the following tip!

You forgot 3 things in Windows NTFS! Choosing cluster sizing, disabling access updates (important!), and disabling outdated DOS 8.3 name creation. See:ntfs.com/ntfs_optimization.htm

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Disable write caching or not?

On the Windows 7 page, I have removed “Disable write caching” because this is not necessary. There is an ongoing debate about whether write caching should be enabled or whether it should be disabled. It is probably in your best interest to leave it enabled, so I recommend leaving it on.

Some SSDs do not have a cache. I don’t know what will happen if you leave the write caching enabled if your SSD does not have a cache. Because SSD technology changes so rapidly, it does not seem likely that the SSDs being sold today do not have cache. If you have an SSD that is greater than a year old as of 9/22/2011, you may want to find out from the manufacturer what to do in terms of write caching. If you have purchased an SSD in the last year, you are most likely safe leaving it enabled by default.

The following links debate the topic and have more information about write caching:




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Linux SSD Tweaks

A very helpful reader has contributed the following links to help with tweaking your SSD in Linux:




I will be creating a Linux page here at SSDTweaks.net, but in the meantime, use the links above.

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SSD Tweak Utility 1.9.4 now available

SSD Tweak Utility 1.9.4 has been updated. Go here to download. Check out the Windows XP SSD Tweaks page for instructions (super easy) on using the utility.

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Tweaks for Mac OS X now live!

I finished the page for Mac OS X SSD tweaks. It only requires three things – disabling sleep mode, disabling hard drive sleep, and disabling the sudden motion sensor. Find the tweaks here.

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Trim Support Enabler 1.1 for Mac OS X

While I have yet to complete the guide for optimizing Mac OS X for your SSD, here is a nifty little utility that does part of the job for you! It’s called Trim Support Enabler 1.1, and it automatically edits your Snow Leopard system files to allow Trim for any SSD model!

The download link can be found here. Click HERE for direct download!

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Windows XP SSD tweaks now available!

I’ve just launched the Windows XP SSD tweaks page! They are actually MUCH simpler than the detailed instructions I layed out for tweaking Windows 7. The Windows XP SSD tweaks are best left up to a nifty little app called SSD Tweak Utility. Get it here!

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Windows 7 SSD Tweaks page is up!

I have just launched the Windows 7 page here at SSDTweaks.net. Since the transition from hard drives to solid state drives is still in it’s relative infancy, the majority of users adopting solid state drives are power users with the latest version of the most popular operating system, Windows 7.

On a Mac? Linux? Stay tuned as I prepare the launch of a Mac OS X SSD Tweak Guide and an Ubuntu SSD Tweak Guide in the next few weeks! Windows XP, Vista, and other flavors of Linux will be arriving shortly after.

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SSDTweaks.net Under Construction

SSDTweaks.net gives you the information you need to tweak your SSD for maximum performance.  Just select your operating system at the top of the page!

…well, eventually. Please stay tuned as I build the site!

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